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Perinatal Equity Fund
Empowering Families, Bridging Gaps: The Perinatal Equity Fund

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The Perinatal Equity Fund


The Perinatal Equity Fund at Palmetto Perinatal Services is a dedicated initiative aimed at addressing disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, particularly within the Black American community in South Carolina.


This fund serves as a critical tool in fostering positive change, providing resources, education, and support to empower families and improve perinatal health.


1. Scholarships for Midwifery Care: The primary focus of the Perinatal Equity Fund is to provide scholarships for midwifery care. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility to quality healthcare services for expecting parents, ensuring a positive and informed perinatal experience.

2. Culturally Sensitive Education: The fund supports accessible and culturally sensitive perinatal education programs, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by Black American families. This includes targeted educational resources designed to improve maternal and infant health outcomes.


3. Collaborative Network: Through collaboration with healthcare providers, community organizations, and stakeholders, the Perinatal Equity Fund strives to create a comprehensive network of support. This collective effort aims to bridge gaps in perinatal care, creating a more integrated and supportive environment for families in need.

Top Reasons to Donate

Impactful Change: By contributing to the Perinatal Equity Fund, donors play a direct role in bringing about positive change in maternal and infant health outcomes, addressing disparities, and building a healthier community.

Empowering Families: Donations support scholarships for midwifery care and culturally sensitive education, empowering expecting parents with the knowledge and resources needed for optimal perinatal experiences.

Building a Healthier Future: The Perinatal Equity Fund is a tangible investment in creating a brighter, healthier future for mothers and infants in South Carolina. Donors contribute to a lasting impact on community health.

Supporting a Comprehensive Approach: Donations to the fund contribute to the development of a collaborative network, fostering a comprehensive approach to perinatal care that involves healthcare providers, community organizations, and stakeholders.

Addressing Disparities: The fund specifically targets disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, with a focus on the Black American community. Donors become advocates for health equity and positive change in South Carolina.

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By donating to the Perinatal Equity Fund, individuals and organizations align themselves with a transformative initiative that goes beyond traditional healthcare support, actively working towards creating a more equitable and healthier society.

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