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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of holistic services tailored to accompany you on your unique journey through motherhood. Our range of offerings includes virtual and in-person options, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for every mom-to-be. From expert-led breastfeeding classes and personalized lactation consultations to supplemental prenatal care and the convenience of "Call the Midwife," we're here to provide unwavering support at every step. Need quick answers? Our Quick Question service is just a message away. At Palmetto Birth we are dedicated to enhancing your experience with a thoughtful and holistic approach to prenatal and postpartum care. Explore our services, and let us be your guide on this extraordinary adventure into motherhood.


With a holistic focus, these sessions aim to provide you with well-rounded support, empowering you to navigate the complexities of pregnancy and beyond with confidence and care. Our sessions go beyond just physical health, prioritizing mental and spiritual aspects as well. We cover a range of essential topics including a thorough review of your lab work,  supplements, & guidance for upcoming decisions. Prenatal nutrition is addressed to ensure optimal health for both you and your baby. We will also set for your pregnancy, birth experience, and postpartum.


Experienced lactation consultants offer guidance, troubleshooting, and advice on various aspects of breastfeeding, including latch issues, milk supply concerns, positioning, and addressing challenges like engorgement or nipple pain. These services aim to promote successful breastfeeding by addressing individual needs and helping mothers achieve a comfortable and healthy breastfeeding experience for both themselves and their babies.


Class covers various aspects, including breastfeeding fundamentals, debunking myths, overcoming barriers, incorporating breastfeeding into your life, understanding the importance of postpartum nutrition, and gaining tips to breastfeed with confidence. The class also helps you prepare to naturally nourish your baby and provides guidance on how to encourage support from those around you throughout your breastfeeding journey.



Call the Midwife" service is your direct line to expert guidance on a wide range of topics related to preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Whether you're an expectant parent or someone looking to embark on a career as a birth worker, this service has you covered. Connect with me. I offer valuable insights, answer your questions, and provide advice tailored to your unique situation. From discussing prenatal care to navigating labor and beyond, the "Call the Midwife" service is your trusted source for comprehensive support and knowledge.

 'Quick Question' service offers you a convenient way to get concise and fast answers to your inquiries. While many questions require in-depth explanations, this service is designed for those seeking brief and focused responses. For a small fee, you can tap into my knowledge and expertise, saving you time and effort. Whether you're curious about a fact, need a straightforward clarification, or want a simple recommendation, the 'Quick Question' service is here to provide you with the information you need.

Orator for Special Events

Orator Service offers you access to a knowledgeable and experienced individual who embodies the roles of a midwife, lactation consultant, and holistic parent. With a deep understanding of these areas, the Orator is here to share ancestral wisdom with you. For a small fee, you can tap into their wealth of knowledge and receive insights that have been passed down through generations. Whether you're seeking advice on childbirth, breastfeeding, or holistic parenting approaches, the Orator Service provides you with an opportunity to learn from time-honored traditions and practices.

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